Welcome To The Party!

An empty table to me is like a blank canvas to an artist.  There are so many possibilities; so many endless ways to add your own personal touch to your event and to WOW your guests.  This empty table is synonymous with where I am today with my business. Although I've been customizing designs for parties & events for many years, this is a new venture for me and I am so thrilled to share my inspired talent with you! “Tantalizing Tablescapes & Décor” is a blank canvas and I am blessed with the opportunity to be able to turn it into something beautiful, something that brings me great joy as well as something that can make your life easier as you celebrate the special moments and milestones in life.  Someone once asked me, "if you could do anything for the rest of your life, what would you do?  I knew immediately that it would be designing customized decor for parties and events.  Being creative is my passion. When I followed my passion, I found my purpose!  I am so happy that I now have a way to share my passion with you!  I am excited about what the future holds for TT&D.  I 'm excited that I get to do what I love every day!  Life should be celebrated. Welcome to the party!