A Simple Twist

When I received a call from a prospective client who wanted to celebrate his son, the joy in his voice, inspired me!  As I listened to him talk about how much his son loved basketball and the Chicago Bulls my head started spinning with ideas.  Red and Black. Check!  Simple and Elegant. Check.  The direction was clear and the event was less than 2 weeks away!  It was time to get busy.  As I started to gather party items and layout my decor, my mission was to give the client exactly what they wanted and at the same time think of ways to WOW their guests and respect the established budget! When I think of party decor staples, I think of guest sign in books and favors.  Of course, when I incorporate either one, I never settle on anything until I am completely satisfied that it is a unique idea, it fits the theme and that the client will be blown away.  Since this was a wedding rehearsal dinner and the father was surprising his son with the element of decor at this dinner party, that just added another level of excitement for me.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love surprises; I live to give them and I love to get them!  Well this party was no different and the father was such a dream to work with. He gave me the theme and then gave me the opportunity to bring his vision to life.  I kept my design simple, but elegant.  I incorporated red and black as well as the grooms favorite players' numbers, "23" and "1".  We even threw the groom's former basketball number in there as well, as he was an avid player in college.  However, my favorite aspect of this "Black & Red Affair" was the "simple twist" on the guest book.  If there is anything that irritates me more, its the common and expected element.  So when it came to mind to use the Chicago Bulls basketball as a guest sign in, I was just beside myself! After the event, I got a text message from the father advising me that, "the basketball was a hit" and that "it went over so well, the groom took the basketball to the wedding the next day to get more signatures!"  Now that's why I do what I do.