Two Year Anniversary!

I can't believe that it's been 2 years!  After about 12 years of decorating for family and friends, on August 28, 2013, I decided to make my passion become a reality and that's when Tantalizing Tablescapes & Decor was born.   It hasn't always been a bed of roses but joy always comes in the morning and I've learned to never give up!  

There's no better way to have celebrated this milestone than the way today turned out.  I couldn't have planned this if I tried.  As a result of winning the Powerstories Tablescape Design Competition earlier this year, I was promised to be featured on ABC Positively Tampa Bay with Lissette Campos.  Initially I thought it would only be an interview, but what a pleasant surprise when Lissette asked me to decorate two tables with two different themes in mind.  

Lissettes' vision for the first table was a "girlie tea party with a modern twist".  Her vision for the second table was outdoor elegance that a man could also appreciate.  It was music to my ears when I heard her say, "you nailed it".  

Creating beautiful tablescapes is something that I enjoy immensely.  I love it when a client gives me a theme and allows me to run with it.  There are many times that I provide or create my own centerpieces, but then there are times when I can incorporate the beautiful designs of a florist.  Today, was one of those days!  Working with Gayle Zerr of Florist Fire was not only exhilarating, but it was also comforting to know that I could trust in her expertise and talent to deliver.  It's nice when you meet someone in the industry that's easy to work with and can "make your vision come to life" too!   Thank you Gayle for "saying yes"! 

Speaking of saying, "yes", I said yes 14 years ago to an amazing man who certainly completes me!  When celebrating life, you are blessed if you have someone not only to celebrate with, but someone who loves you deeply, encourages you to keep growing and supports your dreams by taking each step with you.  I could not have gotten through today without my very supportive husband.  I appreciate him for all the hard work that he does to make sure each event is a success.  From allowing me to bounce "design ideas" off him to packing, unpacking, packing and unpacking again!  After my television appearance today, he took me out to lunch at The Cheescake Factory and then to see the movie, WAR ROOM.  I was FULL on so many different levels.  Seeing that movie today was exactly what I needed!  Thank you my love!

Mmmmmm.....doesn't that look delicious?  Ok, so I am distracted now!  I have to say that "glam burger" was AH-MAZING!!!   The bacon was delightful....almost as awesome as this beautiful crochet that my mother-in-love made!  I was so excited to be able to incorporate  it into my design!  After all, it's because of her that I have such a wonderful husband!

When you make the CHOICE to push past the rough times, that's when persistence shows up! Persistence BUILDS character!   Winston Churchill stated it so eloquently, "Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential."  I am so thankful for my family and close friends who cared enough to encourage me to stay on  the journey.  I dedicate today, my 2 year anniversary to each of them!

Tablescapes is what we do.  It's what makes us happy!  It would be our pleasure to help you celebrate life and the people you share it with!  Our specialty is our attention to detail. Whether it's a birthday, engagement or anniversary, we would love to create a tablescape just for you!  Please click HERE to for more information.  

If you are a designer and would love to design a table for the Powerstories Gala on March 5, 2016, please click here HERE.  We would love to hear from you!

Watch today's Positively Tampa Bay segment HERE